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Bahamas Power Yacht Charters
Bahamas Power Yacht ChartersBahamas power yacht charters .  So close to the U.S. but 1,000 emotional miles away.  No shorts, no shoes, plenty of service.  Paddle with the pigs, swim with the nurse sharks, land a mahi mahi, jetski through the mangroves, or do a beach jig with the giant iguanas.  Watch out!  They love red toenail polish.
Or simply bask on deck.  Breathe deep. Relax. Spill stress into the sea.
Known as the out islands of The Bahamas, the Exuma Cays are a 100-mile long stretch of exquisite off-the-beaten track islands, lying about 50 miles south and east of Nassau.   The crystalline waters are among the most beautiful in the world, shimmering a rainbow of aqua, teal, emerald, indigo and sapphire. The local people are warm and welcoming.  Board your yacht in Nassau and cruise to this island paradise.

Bahamas Power Yacht Charters

SHE’S A 10 164′ Oceanfast Superyachts Sleeps 12 Guests in 3 King(s), 2 Double(s), 2 Single(s)
$110,000/week plus expenses

REMEMBER WHEN 162′ Superyacht
Sleeps 12 Guests in 4 King(s), 2 Twin(s), 2 Pullman
42′ Towed Tender, onboard Scuba, Jacuzzi, Arsenal of Toys
$230,000/week plus expenses
Bahamas Power Yacht Charters Jetski
PENNY MAE 138 ‘ Richmond Motor Yacht
Sleeps 12 Guests in 1 King(s), 3 Queen(s), 4 Double(s), 4 Single(s), 2 Twin(s)
47’ Intrepid Tender, onboard scuba, sportfishing, tons of toys
A big buck bang at $135,000/week plus expenses
ANDIAMO! 105′ Azimut
Sleeps 12 Guests in 1 King(s), 2 Queen(s), 2 Twin(s), 2 Pullman; twins convert to queens
Flexible Layout and diving Allowed onboard; $55,000/week plus expenses

CARPE DIEM 77′ Brand New Azimut Power Yacht
Sleeps 8 Guests in 1 King(s), 1 Queen(s), 4 Single(s), 2 Twin(s)
Cruises at 30 knots!!!! $42,000/week plus expenses
SEAGLASS 60’Power Cat with Onboard Scuba

Sleeps 6 Guests in 1 King(s), 1 Queen(s), 1 Twin(s)
$26,000 plus expenses

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