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10-day Patagonia Yacht Charter Itinerary

View of the mountains while on a Patagonia Yacht Charter Itinerary

This 10-day southern Patagonia yacht charter itinerary brings you the most impressive sights in the entire region. It starts in Puerto Natales and ends in Puerto Williams, on Cape Horn.

Puerto Natales is the springboard for hiking and wildlife-spotting adventures in the revered Torres del Paine National Park. If you wish for a thoroughly comprehensive Patagonia expedition then choose to spend a few days here before joining your private yacht charter. Activities like horseriding, hiking, glacier walking and even archaeological site-visiting abound and you could easily spend a whole week here indulging in land-based activities, before starting your unforgettable 10-day Patagonia yacht charter itinerary.

View of field with horses and mountains in the background while on a Patagonia Yacht Charter ItineraryDay 1 – Puerto Natales to Bahia Isthmus

Time to meet the crew and Captain of your private luxury yacht and leave behind the thriving town of Puerto Natales. With so many things to do and see this week, you’ll cast off straight away, spending the morning relaxing as you take in the startling sights of the Bahia Isthmus. A narrow inlet framed by luscious cliffs, boasting waterfalls and spectacular views of snow-capped peaks, Bahia Isthmus is your first introduction to the waterways that make a Patagonia expedition by yacht so very enthralling. In the afternoon, you can kayak, canoe or SUP close to the shores, keeping your eyes peeled for dolphins and whales who may want to join you for a paddle.

Day 2 – Puerto Profundo

On the second day of your charter, you’ll sail deep into the heart of the protected Alacafules National Park, with its uninhabited islets brimming with endemic wildlife and small mammals. Protected coves in Puerto Profundo are ideal should the weather gods decide to get cheeky but on crystal clear days you can kayak ashore to explore some of the most enticing islands.

Day 3 – Isla Carlos III

Humpback whales are enamored with the waters that frame Carlos III Island and we have an inkling that, after today, you will be too. Pristine, protected and nutrient-rich, the waters of the canal you’ll sail through today are prime nesting and feeding grounds for several different species of whales as well as sea lions and elephant seals. A marine haven with few rivals, even here in awe-inspiring Patagonia, this stretch of the Magellan Strait is a fervently protected reserve, both on land and at sea. Explore historic lighthouses, hop ashore for rewarding hiking and – if you’re lucky to be visiting between December and April – take your kayak for a frolic with migrating humpback whales amidst horizons of magical fjords. This is one of the most unforgettable experiences of Patagonia expeditions.

Day 4 – Almirantazgo Fjord

Today, you’ll continue sailing amidst glistening fjords in the Almirantazgo (Admiralty) Sound and have the chance to explore some of the amazing glacial lakes that dot the Patagonian landscape. Fish for trout, hike on glaciers and kayak for hours on end as you scour the furthest reaches of a sound that carves deep into the western edge of Tierra del Fuego and protects abundant colonies of elephant seals.

Day 5 – Seno Chico

Your Patagonia expedition will continue along Admiralty Sound today and onwards to Chico Sound, home to the breathtaking Marinelli Glacier, among others. Once here, you’ll be in the heart of the Alberto de Agostini National Park, the third largest reserve in Chile and one of the newest UNESCO-listed treasures, recognized for its distinctive biodiversity. You’ll enjoy exceptional wildlife watching options, both on land and at sea, with this region bursting with herds of guanacos, a flurry of birds and plenty of sea lions, seals, and curious otters. Hiking, kayaking, canoeing, glacier trekking (and so much more) will be on today’s action-packed menu!

Day 6 – Caleta Gomez

Caleta Gomez is the entry point to Tierra del Fuego’s famed Glacier Alley, inarguably the most spellbinding stretch of the Beagle Channel. A visual feast unlike any other, this inlet showcases imposing glaciers that literally cascade into the sea. Vertiginous ice walls are a sight to behold and, thanks to some access points, you’ll be able to land straight on the ice.  More fishing, kayaking, and hiking are on offer today, with fantastic helicopter sightseeing excursions gifting you incredibly unique viewpoints as well.

View of the coastline while on a Patagonia Yacht Charter ItineraryDay 7 – Garibaldi Glacier

Day 7 of your Patagonia yacht charter itinerary may be the first time you come across several tourist cruise ships  and although you may wish to have this incredible place to yourself, you certainly can’t begrudge the popularity of the enthralling Garibaldi Glacier. The fjord that leads to the glacier is narrow and filled with floating chunks of ice, so much so that vessels need to keep moving – albeit slowly – so their hulls don’t become ice-locked. The landscape is simply enchanting and the sheer colossal size of the glaciers makes one feel humbled and insignificant.

Day 8 – Pia Fjord & Pia Glacier

Garibaldi may be impressive due to its gargantuan size, yet it’s the approach to Pia, through a very narrow inlet framed by imposingly high granite cliffs that makes her such an unforgettable sight. Several anchorage points in the fjord offer you the chance to explore by tender today, jumping ashore to hike uphill and soak up all-encompassing views. Pia Glacier originates from the Darwin ice Field and travels quite a distance before tumbling into the sea. A highly moving glacier, the calving spectacle at Pia is out of this world but you’ll want to find a high vantage point to take in the very best views.

Day 9 – Holland Glacier

Set your course towards Caleta Ola today, the best and most protected mooring point from where to explore Glacier Holanda, on the northern fringes of the Beagle Channel. A popular spot with local fishermen, Caleta Ola is almost tropical in appearance, with luscious wilderness framing its sandy shores. It’s only a short hike from the shore to reach Holland Glacier, through a maze of forest-covered hills inhabited by elusive Patagonian foxes.

Day 10 – Puerto Williams

Over 38,000 hectares make up the Yendegaia National Park, a former cattle ranch donated to the government for preservation purposes. Comprising prime beech forests, vast grasslands, deep-set valleys, snaking glacial rivers, lakes and, of course, more snow-capped peaks than you could ever climb in a lifetime, the Yendegaia National Park is one of Patagonia’s most hidden gems and makes for a fitting last-day destination on your Patagonia expedition charter. By the end of today, you’ll be guided to Puerto Williams, where your 10-day Patagonia yacht charter itinerary will come to a close.

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