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River Cruises and Canal Boats

River cruises are unlike any yacht charter experience you may have enjoyed. More than a delightful means to an end – or a relaxing way to reach a destination – river cruises for groups are all about the journey and the insightful attractions along the way, many of which are simply unreachable by road or sea. When you cruise one of the world’s most splendid rivers, be they in Europe, Africa, or Asia, you’ll be privy to an array of remarkable stopovers, have a deeper experience of the local culture (Europe and Asia) and be much more in touch with local wilderness (Africa). For groups traveling together, there really is no better way to see the world.

Unparalleled Comfort

Cruises along calm waterways are ideal for comfort-seeking guests, with smooth sailing befitting to anyone, of any age, and any fitness level. They offer a very intimate and romantic experience and the added bonus of a floating ‘home’ means that time is not spent – or is that wasted? – gathering everyone together and moving from A to B. On river cruises for groups, A and B come knocking on your cabin door every morning. And isn’t that a priceless luxury?

Board your luxury cruise boat, make yourself at home, and let the world come to you. Leave the logistical organization to us and all you have to do is enjoy your adventure, alongside your group.

Incredible Variety

Boarding and disembarking river cruise boats are faster than on a large cruise ship or fleet of coaches, leaving you with plenty more time to see and do all those things you’ve been dreaming about for years. The choice of on-land excursions and activities are also much more comprehensive since you can move along from region to region in a jiffy. For groups who wish to see and do many different things, in a relatively short amount of time, river cruises for groups are simply perfect. In Europe, for example, a jaunt down the Danube is an incredible feast for the senses, with spectacular historic cities, and little-visited village enclaves, competing for your attention. In a week’s time, you can visit the grande dames of Europe – Munich, Vienna, Salzburg and Budapest.

Dedicated Leisure Cruising

Our river cruise boats boast fantastic dining and wining, as well as comfortable and elegant cabins. Yet unlike very large cruise ships, they normally don’t offer an extensive array of onboard distractions. This is, perhaps, what our guests love most of all. River cruising is all about enjoying the slow, smooth journey, the delectable dining, and the irresistible pull of on-shore activities. When you’re enjoying a mouth-watering sundowner in the privacy of your own terrace, overlooking a historical 1,500-year-old European city, there’s no amenity on the boat that can ever tear you away. For very good reason!

Fine Dining

Delectable dining is a big deal aboard river cruises, with chefs priding themselves on offering unforgettable culinary experiences, and recreating local specialties at every port of call. With phenomenal local and imported wines and a long-held history of award-winning chefs, we offer you the crème de la crème of gastronomic feasting in all our river cruises for groups destinations. Because we believe that delicious food is at the very heart of every memorable chartering experience.

A variety of dishes to satisfy all tastes, complementing fine wines and a choice of dining venues on board your cruise boat: this winning trifecta will be a definite icing on the cruise cake.

Shore Excursions

The comprehensive choice of shore excursions and activities are probably the highlight of our river cruise experiences. Our best vessels offer daily guided city walking, bus and bicycle tours, as well as plenty of informative guides and maps for those who wish to explore on their own. Immersing oneself in the local culture and heritage is a very rewarding aspect of travel at any time, most especially in interesting and unique parts of the world. The dedicated guides are experienced in their field, and offer individual headsets for guests, for an even greater appreciation. Choose how active you wish to be at every port of call, and trust there are plenty of options to keep everyone involved, with an abundance of free time to indulge in independent sightseeing.

Impeccable Service

Not all boat crews are created equal, and it is with this credo that we offer the best in the business. Professional, attentive and amiable, our river cruises for groups staff are trained to take care of large groups traveling together, greet you with a broad smile – always – and offer a wealth of knowledge to our valuable guests. No matter where you cruise, you’ll have English speaking crew at your service, and dedicated local guides to bring places to life with a kaleidoscope of interesting and engaging information.

Group Activities

We design the group activities around your group’s preferences – themed cocktail parties and gala dinners onboard; dockside beer fests complete with accordions and polka; shimmering nights at an historic palace; wine tasting “hop” in an old seaside village. All are designed to enhance everyone’s travel experience and to build group camaraderie.

Stellar Accommodation

With all the wonderful attractions river cruises offer, one would think that accommodation would be quite basic, considering you may not want to spend much time in your cabin. How wrong one would be! Our best boats are award-winning in their category, renowned for paying attention to detail and offering stateroom amenities not found in many other river boats. Comfort, elegance, and luxury are the priorities, and our chosen vessels feature gorgeous décor, premium linen, and lovely configurations. French balconies (twin balconies in Staterooms) are perfect for sightseeing on the fly and enjoying a romantic tête-à-tête. Cabins feature a sitting area, flat-screen TV (with movies on demand), air-conditioning, deluxe bathrooms and fluffy robes and slippers you may never want to abandon! Full office amenities are available in a great number of boats, so you can still keep in touch with the office if you wish.

The Danube Experience

Our most popular destination for river cruises for groups, the Danube is one of the most remarkably exquisite and historic rivers you could ever cruise along. The Danube River has fascinated and bewitched people for a thousand years. There has been music composed in its honor, poems written, movies filmed and a nearly infinite number of paintings inspired by it. Right in the historic heart of Europe, from Prague to Budapest, a river cruise on the Danube will glide you to magnificent Vienna, Linz, Regensburg, Passau and Bratislava. An 11-day cruise down the Danube is the stuff of dreams. Gothic, Baroque, romantic dreams. Dreams filled with verdant rolling hills, UNESCO World Heritage Old Towns, imposing Cathedrals, fantastic

castles, and breathtakingly regal palaces. To say the best of Europe is found along the shores of the Danube, would certainly not be an exaggeration.

We offer luxurious river cruise boats to accommodate groups from 10 to 200 guests, with a choice of cabin size and layout. Just let us know what you need and we’ll arrange a group river cruise experience you’ll never forget.

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