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Western Mediterranean Yacht Charters for Groups (Spain, France, Italy)

The Western Mediterranean is one of the most ideal corporate yacht charter destinations in the world. Sailing along the coast of countries like Spain, France and Italy is arguably one of the most unforgettable experiences you can gift your special group of guests. Considering this region offers a myriad of activities – both land and water-based – corporate yacht charters here are bound to WOW everyone.

Oozing charm at every cove, endless historical interests, oodles of shopping, pampering, drinking and dining, this is one slice of the world that really has it all. It’s primarily for this reason that Western Mediterranean yacht charters are so popular: when you need to entertain, woo and reward a small or medium sized group, there are few places which can offer this kind of variety.

A World of Possibilities…

The biggest challenge you’ll face when planning a corporate Western Mediterranean yacht charter for corporate groups in the Western Mediterranean is deciding where to take your precious cargo. Will it be to savor the glitz and glamor of the French Riviera? Or the laid-back and breathtaking seaboard of Italy’s Amalfi Coast…or perhaps to snorkel and sunbathe among the turquoise waters of Spain’s stunning Balearic Islands? Remember, a yacht charter, unlike a cruise ship, explores one area intimately and does not travel great distances between ports.

France Yacht Charters

When it comes to glamorous sailing luxury corporate yacht charters, a luxury yacht charter in the French Riviera reigns supreme. Renowned for being the opulent vacationing hub of the rich and famous for decades on end, the Cote d’Azur radiates with charisma, sophistication and enough glitz to make your guest’s heads spin in delight. Brimming with historic seaside towns, with such famous names like St Tropez, Cannes, Nice, and Monaco, a Western Med corporate luxury yacht charter in France the French Riviera is as delightful as it is convenient. Our yachts can dock right in the heart of the city, and your guests will have a bevy of amazing places to discover on foot. Aboard a luxury yacht charter in the French Riviera, H history buffs will delight in visiting 12th-century royal castles, medieval walled cities, stunning museums and Napoleonic fortresses. Evenings spent in world-class casinos, dinners indulged in exclusive seaside restaurants and more designer shopping than you could imagine. Of course, the Riviera is also renowned for her stellar beaches and sparkling waters, so if you’re looking for a comprehensive corporate yacht charter destination, that’ll appeal to a variety of tastes, then you really can’t go wrong here. Nice is a convenient hub for embarkation.

Italy Yacht Charters

Italy’s Amalfi Coast plays second fiddle to none. Just as glamorous and noteworthy as the French Riviera, yet with the added bonus of incredibly dramatic limestone coastlines, this stretch of Italy’s western shores is simply spectacular from a luxury yacht charter on Amalfi Coast, both admired from the sundeck and close up on land. Explore romantic Positano with her endless cobblestone alleyways, dive deep in Capri’s translucent caves and delight in the kaleidoscope of colors in Amalfi, a seaside town so beautiful Hercules deemed it ‘the most beautiful place on earth’. No Amalfi Coast visit would be complete without a day-trip to Pompeii, of course, the legendary town frozen in time by Mt Vesuvius’ mighty eruption in 79AD. Charter your corporate voyage in Italy Book your luxury yacht charter on the Amalfi Coast and your guests will have all this, plus the most outstanding sunsets in the entire Mediterranean, right outside their cabin windows.

Spain Yacht Charters

Until recently, yacht charters on international yachts was not legal in Spain. Fortunately, the laws have changed and Spain, especially its offshore Balearic islands have become the newest, most sought after summer destination in the Mediterranean. Turquoise waters, sea life-brimming reefs and secluded luscious coves make this a nature lover’s paradise for luxury Balearic Islands holidays. If you envisage your guests wanting much-needed R&R, with a healthy amount of watersports fun, sun and surf, with just the right amount of sightseeing, shopping and dining, then the Balearics is the destination for you. Ibiza is known for its endless party nights with world class nightclubs pulsating music. Palma is another party town yet your guests can discover sleepy seaside villages just a few minutes’ drive away from world-famous restaurants and designer boutiques during their luxury Balearic Islands holidays. More active travelers can up the ante on heart-pumping hikes through pristine mountain ranges. There are more secluded, unvisited stretches of breathtaking beaches on these islands than in the rest of the Mediterranean region, and more idyllic islands than you could ever dream.

Special Treats

Your western Mediterranean yacht charter crew can arrange amazing onboard events like cocktail parties, costumed dinners, and even silver-service BBQs on isolated beaches. Whether you want to spoil your corporate group or entice them into more productive team working, we’ll help you devise a great plan which combines group activities with a host of independent exploring. Specialized activities like golf outings, health spa days and even adrenalin-pumping activities can be organized no matter where you choose to cast off on your Western Mediterranean yacht charter.

Flexibility & Variety

Have a corporate group with people of all ages? Then rest assured that a Western Mediterranean yacht charter will be a huge hit with all your special guests. Renowned for its spectacular architecture, intriguing history, amazing culinary delights, fantastic shopping – as well as spectacular natural attractions – the West Med is a superb kaleidoscope of attractions. The best part of all, is that we can organize a variety of individual on-shore excursions so your group need not be bound together, all the time. With a highly-skilled, experienced and professional team of yacht charter staff, it’s ever so easy to split a large group into smaller clusters, sending a few shopping, others hiking, some sightseeing and (as is inevitable) take great care of those who prefer to stay on their yacht and enjoy the luxury instead.

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