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Antarctica Yacht Charter Guide

Listen to the Hush of “the Only Place on Earth that is Still as it Should be. May We Never Tame it”.

Best Reasons To Visit :

  • Nature Walks
  • Bird Watching
  • Arctic Wildlife
  • Nature Photography
  • Whale Watching
  • Alluring Icebergs

Photographers, nature buffs and lovers of magnificent raw surroundings are drawn to Antarctica like seal lions to icebergs. The world’s southernmost, driest, coldest and windiest continent is an incredibly rewarding place to visit. Why set sail on Antarctica small ship cruises when you can have your own luxury yacht? The best way to explore this paradise is on a private Antarctica yacht charter, of course, where you’ll have the freedom to go where you please, stay as long as you like and change course if you so wish. Considering you’ll be disembarking a couple of times a day, it’s infinitely easier and faster to discover this place if you’re aboard a private Antarctica yacht charter, rather than a large ship. In a place where every second on land (or ice) counts, ease of access, privacy and freedom are immensely important.

© Jim Raycroft
A Little History

Antarctica has captivated the world ever since the early 19th century when the first explorers to the region sent back word that this was not an archipelago of frozen isles as first thought, but rather a bona fide continent. Its importance was not immediately recognized and it took over a century for an international treaty to be drawn up aimed at protecting this unspoilt and utterly pristine wilderness.

Antarctica does not belong to anyone, has no political allegiances and instead plays host to various international scientific research centres. Over 1000 scientists live and work year-round in one of the most inhospitable places on our planet. The weather is harsh and unpredictable, the comforts few. Yet on those blissfully sunny days, when the wind is mild and skies are clear, Antarctica is also the most spectacular place you’ll ever see.

© Jim Raycroft
Aboard Your Private Luxury Antarctica Yacht Charter

As you sail along the edge of colossal icebergs on your Antarctica yacht charter, you cast your eyes on awe-inspiring ice formations as something on the corner of your eye catches your attention. It’s a humpback whale...

The wildlife of Antarctica is as captivating as its surreal wilderness, with colonies of penguins, sea lions and elephant seals basking in its refreshing bosom. Of all the hardy creatures who call this place home, the most enticing to admire are Emperor penguins, as well as humpback and killer whales. There are few places on our planet – and so few animals – which have the ability to make us humans feel so immensely insignificant. In a land where only the toughest and fittest survive, we are mere humble spectators.

So waddle among colonies of sea lions and penguins, kayak along the edge of enormous ice fields, hike atop hills for inspiring views and dive the freezing deep-blue waters of this fantastic destination aboard your private Antarctica yacht charter. For discerning adventurers who set their hearts on experiencing the most breathtaking place on earth, there could be no better adventure.

There are many enticing corners of Antarctica which large cruise liners simply cannot reach. On you own private Antarctica yacht charter you’ll have the priceless chance of not only discovering nooks and crannies you’d otherwise never see, but also the unrivalled luxury of having the places you visit, all to yourselves. Antarctica small ship cruises cannot offer you that!

© Jim Raycroft
© Jim Raycroft
© Jim Raycroft
A Little Hint of Luxury

You may be sailing through an inhospitable place, yet your adventure will also be brimming with glorious luxuries. Only on a private Antarctica yacht charter can you combine comforts and delights with harsh wilderness. Scuba dive, snorkel and kayak your way among immense icebergs by day, and delight in gourmet dinners and delicious cocktails by night. Take leisurely walks through barren icy landscapes in the morning, and enjoy a delectable private picnic lunch atop an ice field.

Some of our yachts boast underwater viewing rooms for the ultimate in comfortable exploration; a seaplane and helicopter for aerial exploits and jetskis and wave runners for that adrenalin injection in the heart of this pristine landscape. The onboard toys and options for luxurious adventures make private Antarctica yacht charters not just exciting but pleasurable and absolutely unforgettable.

Our Expert Opinion

An adventure of a lifetime destination! A private yacht charter endows the privilege of exploring this fragile and fascinating eco-system on your own timeline in an intimate setting. You’ll need an expedition yacht that is specifically designed for self-sufficiency


An adventure of a lifetime destination! A private yacht charter endows the privilege of exploring this fragile and fascinating eco-system on your own timeline in an intimate setting. You’ll need an expedition yacht that is specifically designed for self-sufficiency and endurance in remote locations.Hiring a naturalist guide or expedition company to complement the yacht’s crew is paramount.


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