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Cuba Yacht Charter Guide

Sneak Away to this Once Forbidden Fruit for Americans - Discover its Hidden Beauty

Best Reasons To Visit :

  • Sightseeing
  • Vibrant Coral Reefs
  • White Sand Beaches
  • Vibrant Nightlife
  • Rich Cultural Heritage
  • Spectacular Coastline
  • Fabulous Music

Setting off on a Cuba yacht charter journey has been a seemingly impossible dream for many years. One of the most captivating destinations on the planet, for Americans particularly, this ‘forbidden fruit’ destination has recently opened up to a brand new tourism market, something which was long deemed unthinkable.

Looking for that unique, off-the-beaten-wave destination on your next sailing adventure?

You just found it.

With her alluring culture, outstanding architecture, a myriad of mesmerizing experiences and spectacular coastline, not to mention the insanely delectable food and hypnotizing salsa music, Cuba has swiftly become the hottest ‘mecca’ on the bow of US luxury yacht charters. It’s been more than half a century since private US yacht charters have been allowed to sail the turquoise waters of this amazing Central American hub, and –as far as we’re concerned - easing of relations between the two nations could not have come soon enough.

Be among the first to experience this incredibly rewarding destination aboard a luxury Cuba yacht charter and gift your senses a totally soul-reviving experience.

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Exciting New Beginnings

Cuba is and always has been an astounding place to visit, with the domestic political situation leaving the small but delightful island seemingly cut off from most of the Western world. Surely, they are quite keen to ‘catch up’ now. This country will undoubtedly change dramatically in the coming years.

If there has ever been time to visit on a Cuba yacht charter, it’s NOW!

Permission for US yacht charters to sail here does not yet equate complete carte blanche. There are still a few restrictions in place, none of which are difficult to satisfy. There are twelve approved categories under which you can travel here, as an American citizen, including family visits and educational trips. A ‘people to people’ visa, which falls under the educational journey umbrella, is the most common visa issued to prospective Cuba yacht charter guests.

As you may expect, infrastructure (especially for larger yacht charters) is still quite rudimentary. Most Cuba sailing charter guests prefer to embark in Florida, dock at the Marina Hemingway in beautiful Havana, and base themselves here whilst spending days sailing and exploring nearby destinations. The sheer amount of unspoiled, undiscovered coves is out of this world. This, coupled with the immense magnetism of Havana, make Cuba sailing charters by far the most exciting prospect, in the international sailing world, of the past decade.


Traditional, colourful, hippie, friendly, warm and enticing, Cuba is one of the last countries left on earth which has bypassed modernity and offers Cuba sailing charter guests a truly unforgettable experience. The rhythmic beat of a drum, the wafting smell of sofrito, the colourful street art, Che’s face drawn on walls, tables, printed on T-shirts and flying on flags. It follows you everywhere on your Cuba sailing charter vacation. The vintage classics roaming the streets, the fragrant cigars, the dancing, the music and those smiles. Wherever you go…there are the infectious smiles.

Cuba is unlike any place you’ve ever visited, of this we are sure. It’s a world all of its own and, to the first-time Cuba sailing charter guest, it is a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and smells that they’ll undoubtedly remember for the rest of their lives.

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Activities & Attractions

Havana is the main port of call and will likely be your main base for discoveries aboard your yacht charter in Cuba. Lucky you. One could seriously spend a whole week only exploring Havana on a Cuba yacht charter trip and still have a comprehensive and memorable time. There are very few capital cities, the world over, which can offer this kind of myriad of experiences, and which can transmit the essence of an entire country, or people, like Havana can.

Bursting with culture, history and mouth-watering food, Havana is as postcard-perfect as you’ve always been led to believe. The imperfections, of this perfect city, are what make it so damn appealing. The Art Deco buildings with peeling paint, the neglected colonial-era mansions as beautiful as paintings, the alluring salsa bars brimming with cigar smoke, wafting rum and a vibrant energy that’s hard to describe. Once you enter the world of Havana aboard your yacht charter in Cuba you’ll be closing the door on the rest of the world as you know it. This is, perhaps more than anything else, what is so addictive about this place.

On your yacht charter in Cuba, you’ll enjoy as much time in Havana as you wish. Relish in her bustling nightlife, explore her awesome architecture, visit a rum and cigar factory and take day trips through sugarcane plantations, to outlying beaches with nay a soul in sight. On your Cuba sailing charter trip,  hire a vintage car for the day and explore the countryside, the mountains, the coast. Take a salsa class, a cooking class, or simply sit in a café and watch the world go by.

Aboard your yacht charter in Cuba, cast off for the UNESCO listed reefs so few people even know exist. Island hop between uninhabited sparkles of land; snorkel, swim, sunbake. Dare we say it: there is more to do on a Cuba sailing charter voyage than you could ever imagine.

So now the gates have finally opened, only one question remains.

What on earth are you waiting for?

Our Expert Opinion

Cuba has been the “forbidden fruit” of travel for U.S. citizens. With the recent relaxation of travel regulations, the cruise lines and hotel chains are prepared to bombard the island. Now is the time to go and see Cuba before the influx of U.S. tourism inundates and changes the island. Although


Cuba has been the “forbidden fruit” of travel for U.S. citizens. With the recent relaxation of travel regulations, the cruise lines and hotel chains are prepared to bombard the island. Now is the time to go and see Cuba before the influx of U.S. tourism inundates and changes the island. Although the infrastructure to support yachting is in its infancy, you won’t regret visiting it before the masses. The islands off the south coast of Cuba are a pristine natural wonderland.


Current Local Weather & Info
00:47 AM America/Havana
Currency : CUP- Cuban Peso

Cuba Array 8

Clear Sky 46 °F(8 °C)

Wind Gentle Breeze 3.6 m/s
East (80)
Pressure 30.15 inch of mercury
Sunrise 06:51 AM
Sunset 17:51 PM
Geo coords Lat: 21° 31' 18.48" N
Long: 77° 46' 52.32" W
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