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Luxury Yacht Charters in the Eastern Mediterranean

From the mythical Greek Islands to the exotic Turkish coastline to the breathtaking mystique of the Croatian islands, the a trip aboard a luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean is a melting pot of cultural experiences and adventure. Each country serves up its own secret sauce of hospitality, cuisine, landscape, and alluring histories that will spice up your Adriatic yacht sailing adventure.

Croatia – the Newest Adriatic Yacht Sailing Adventure

Rugged coastlines, ancient ports, medieval towns and sun-drenched islands: a sail along Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian Coast is anything but ordinary. The most famous port of call here is Dubrovnik, a medieval city so pretty it competes with Venice for the title of ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. Yet the gems here are many. Short sailing distances and immense diversity make Croatia ideal for first-timers, or anyone who wants to pack in a lot of activities and sightseeing, along with the innumerable pleasures of immersing yourself in the Adriatic yacht sailing world. Croatia boasts more than 1,100 islands, each with its own delights to discover: from the Roman Palace of Split to the alluring caves of Mljet and the cobblestoned center of Hvar, Croatia is a picture-perfect highlight on any Mediterranean yacht charter itinerary.

Greece - the “Bucket List” -Luxury Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean.

The world-renowned Greek Islands have been luring visitors ever since Leut – Zeus’ mistress – gave birth to Apollo under a date palm. Or so the story goes…

Accentuated by whitewashed villages cascading down limestone cliffs, verdant hills covered in olive groves and some of the most vibrantly colorful landscapes in the whole Mediterranean, the Greek islands are really something to behold. Rub shoulders with VIPs in Mykonos, be spellbound by the sheer splendor of Santorini and discover the hidden ancient temples on the Peloponnese, Greece and her myriad of islands will captivate you like no other place on earth.

Turkey – East Meets West on a Luxury Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean

The Turquoise Coast of Turkey is one of the secrets the Mediterranean holds most dear. An intoxicating mix of East and West, Turkey is where you head to if you wish to savor the most exotic part of Europe. Ancient citadels frame dazzling stretches of coastline, where centuries-old bazaars overflow with aromatic spices and hand-made wares of terracotta and leather. Seaside castles, perfectly preserved, jut out of promontories as if calling out for your attention. Splurge on amazing shopping, sightseeing, and feasting in atmospheric port towns like Fethiye, Marmaris, Ekincik and Gemiler Island, while experiencing a completely different – yet comfortingly familiar - side to the Mediterranean culture.

Choosing Where to Cast Off on Your Luxury Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean Is a Delicious Dilemma

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Whether you desire a quick getaway close to home or a "bucket list" adventure in an exotic corner of the earth, we offer limitless possibilities for you to discover the world by superyacht.


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